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Game Name : Victoria : Revolutions
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2006-09-14 16:06:58
Views : 4493

Cheat Mode
Press [F12] and then type in the cheat you want to use:

difrules - Play like a god
manpower - Gives you men
nolimit - No troop limit
leadership - Gives you leaders
money - You get much money
fullcontrol - Gives total control
showid - Shows province ID's
handsoff - Hands offs
nofog - No more fog of war
norevolts - Defeats all rebels
nowar - AI can't declare war anymore
prestige - Gives you prestige
transports - Gives you transports
neville - AI now folds to all demands and suggestions
badboy - Tells you if you've been a "bad boy"

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