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Game Name : Seven Kingdoms 2 [Trainer]
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2005-04-19 20:07:20
Views : 19522

- CheatTrainer -
To enable cheat mode simple type !!##%%&& but if you want to use
all extra functions you must run trainer.exe (you don't have to
enable cheats on this way) These are the features I could find in the game:
CTRL-T - Advance technology
CTRL-U - Toggle mortal/immortal king mode
CTRL-A - Toggle debug messages?CTRL-D - Toggle AI info
CTRL-J - Surprise ;)CTRL- - +1000 Food
CTRL-Z - Toggle fast build modeCTRL-C - +1000 Treasure
ALT+CTRL-E - -10 ReputationALT+CTRL-R - +10 Reputation
ALT+CTRL-J - +20 Damage for selected building
ALT+CTRL-K - -20 Damage for selected buildingALT+CTRL-X - -1000 Treasure
ALT+CTRL-C - -1000 Food

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