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Game Name : Jimmy Connors Tennis
System : NES
Date Added : 2005-03-12 16:18:08
Views : 9110

Location Password

Vienna, Austria XV37KVTMMNSM
Brussels, Belgium 5W37KVTMVNSG
Toronto, Canada 1X37KVTMZNSB
Paris, France NP37KVTMTZRN
Hamburg, Germany RR37KVTMKNRD
Athens, Greece 4S37KVTMMNPN
Rome, Italy RT37KVTMVZPF
Tokyo, Japan 4K37KVTMNTNL
Hilversum, Netherlands 5L37KVTMWTND
Auckland, New Zealand TM37KVTMPNMT
Madrid, Spain TN37KVTMPZMK
Stockholm, Sweden LF37KVTM4ZLR
Moscow, Russia LG37KVTMLTLK
London, England (Wimbledon - last match) LH37KVTMNJKS

Enter one of the follow passwords to start at various tournaments later in the game.

DM*X T[Ball]*W BWB2 *7BQ *VTZ *Q*P *P*T *T*M *WMZ
FZ*W v[Ball]*W BWBH B7BV *6*8 *2*[Ball] *[Ball]*5 *[Ball]*T *W3T
[Ball]*B1 VRBW B2B3 WKCV *6*C B2*[Ball] *[Ball]*o *[Ball]*T *597
1*B6 VXV9 VDVC X5DV **BC B2*[Ball] *[Ball]*F B[Ball]*T *WFC
2*B6 B6V7 WWW3 DCF[Ball] TNBC BBB7 *7*F B7*3 *M2[Ball]

Advanced mode passwords:
Note: After entering a code you must enter ADAML as your name.

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