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Game Name : Worms
System : Saturn
Date Added : 2005-01-25 16:05:22
Views : 34942

Overcome Obstacles
Go to the Weapon Options menu and press C, C, Z, C, C, Z, C, C, Z. Start a game. When it is your turn, select ninja rope and aim it all the way down and press C. When you see the rope, press DOWN and you should be in the air. Press any direction button and you will fall in that direction. Use this to overcome obstacles.

New Weapons
At the Weapons Options screen, move the cursor away from the text area and press C, Z, Z, C, Z, Z, C, Z, Z. If that doesn't work, press C + Z nine times.

Hell Levels
To get a random Hell level, enter "666" as a seed for the landscape generator.

Flat Map
For the ultimate tournament map, enter the password "00035907". This map is entirely flat, making it a great for tournament play.

Christmas Map
For a christmas map, enter the password JINGLEBELLS.

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